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With Van Gundy unable to fix the pistons, the detroit team explores other options

Stan Van Gundy was appointed as the head coach and president of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association in 2014. The owner of the team, Tom Gores described it as the most significant decision his organization had ever made.

And now, with Van Gundy not even making it to the end of his contract of 5 years, the Pistons require to build up multiple plans for the future. His before the term exit leaves the team without a coach and a leadership vacancy in the front office.

The team made a declaration on Monday (Tuesday, PHL time) that Stan Van Gundy will no longer be serving as coach or president of basketball operations. There was, however, no news conference — just a report through which Detroit made it clear that the vacancy is very much open for a coach as well as for the head of basketball operations. Team owner Gores spoke significantly of Van Gundy while also adding that the team required reforms to attain the next level.

“I have nothing but respect and love for Stan. I think he is a great coach and a great man, and his presence and leadership helped move this franchise forward,” Gores said. “Although we did not get the success both of us wanted, his efforts and leadership have put the franchise in better shape today than when he came on board.”

It is important to note that the Pistons made it to the playoffs under Coach Van Gundy in 2016- that being the first time they’d reached there in seven years. In four seasons with Detroit, the coach went 152-176 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Even following star player Blake Griffin’s entry in a blockbuster deal at the end of January, the Pistons were not able to make their cut, postseason. After being injured in December, Reggie Jackson will be seen off the court for two years minimum, and it won’t be tough to visualize the team upgrading if Griffin, Andre Drummond, and Jackson are all in the lineup for a full season. Before Van Gundy pitched in for Detroit, they had won 29 games. This year, the Pistons won 39 games. So evidently, Van Gundy had brought on a level of advancement to the team: he even terminated their playoff drought, and the newest manifestation was ten wins, much better than the most current non-SVG style.

Gores was heard saying the previous month that he still saw benefit in one person having both coaching and front office power, but the kind of structure the Pistons share with Van Gundy is exceptional in the NBA. Case in point, Doc Rivers used to have double roles with the LA Clippers, but the last offseason, Lawrence Frank gained responsibility for basketball operations, giving Rivers to emphasize on the coaching part. Few of Van Gundy’s most savage critics have quoted the team’s verdicts in the draft and free agency. So following that, the Pistons may not be yearning to give the upcoming coach a lot of authority over the front office.

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