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‘Walking Miracle’ Farquhar visits white sox, weeks aftersuffering a brain hemorrhage

It’s not been a long time since Danny Farquhar was discharged from the hospital. He underwent brain surgery for hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm.

On Monday, the White Sox had declared that the pitcher Danny Farquhar was good to go back home from RUSH University medical center subsequently resting there since April 20th after he suddenly passed out in the dugout previously that night.

He was estimated to arrive his home soon after he was formally kept out for the 2018 season. However, Farquhar didn’t seem like going that long without seeing his teammates.

So, on Tuesday, the Sox’s pitcher made a startling visit to Guaranteed Rate Field to greet with fellow teammates in the locker room ahead of their game against the Pirates. He had a chat with a few players throughout the short visit for just a couple of minutes and giving some positive feels to those in the clubhouse.

Starting pitcher James Shields, who got to meet and greet with Farquhar on Tuesday said, “He looks great, he looks amazing. He’s in good spirits, and it’s good to see him.”

This was a sweet gesture on Farquhar’s part, considering ever since he was admitted to the hospital, his teammates have constantly kept Danny on their minds the whole time. The pen and dugout have even gone as far as highlighting his No. 43 jersey hanging in his honor, posting on social media; while some other playmates have written the number along with his initials on their hat.

The team even had these “Pray for 43″ shirts custom made, which some were spotted wearing on the field before Tuesday’s game.

Danny’s neurosurgeon, Demetrius Lopes, was optimistic that he would return to his normal form ”sometime in the future.” The Neurosurgeon is certain that he will not be allowed to return to the mound until 2019, despite Farquhar joking about going for some batting practice sessions.

Dr. Michael Lawton, president, and CEO of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, appreciated Lopes decision saying, “It generally takes a good six months at the minimum to recover from an intracranial hemorrhage. People may look fine when you see them at home, but sometimes the subtle cognitive things can be off. And at his level of the profession, he has to have all of his faculties.”

Lawton, who has handled more than 7,000 surgical cases, said the severity of the hemorrhaging depends on “the rupture. If it’s a little leak, it could be a bad headache with no damage. If it’s a full-blown tear in the wall of the artery, it can be life-ending.”

White Sox manager Rick Renteria stated that Farquhar’s visit gave his players a much-needed warm boost: “You saw everybody smiling; they were very, very happy to see him.”

And as far as Farquhar’s plans to return to the bigs are concerned, Renteria said: “I wouldn’t limit Danny to anything. I think every human body and mind desire to do certain things, and you can’t place a limit on the size of a man’s heart. He still has to take it easy for a couple more weeks, just monitor himself, but I wouldn’t put anything past Danny.”

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