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Tiger returns from break, Testing new irons

Tiger Woods said that he put his golf club in the closet for ten days after the Masters Golf and did not swing once.

On Wednesday, Tiger Woods played again at the club before attending the Wells Fargo Championships in the Quail Valley starting on Thursday.

Woods – Playing with 17-year-old Shahbaz Hashmi, he won the opportunity to play with his idol, writing a winning entry for the youth team’s First Tee program – earned his team’s career with less than 15 hits. He looked at his own ball and made 6 of 65 shots.

Woods spent three days with the national team after finishing the 32nd place in the Augusta and said he hadn’t touched the club for ten days.

For Woods, the pro round is usually very casual, but he is solid on the tee and has shot enough shots to make several birdies. He suggested that where he still has the most work to do is in his Ironman race, which made him disappointed in the Masters.

Although away from it, he reflected and analyzed the poor performance in the Masters, and he performed so well in the lead.

“I didn’t hit my hardcore,” Woods said.

So Woods has replaced his old Nike irons with a new set of TaylorMade irons, and he put in the game this week.

Woods’s first time this week is in the Quell Hollo because he missed the cut in 2012. He defended the asters champion Patrick Reed and defending U.S. Open winner Brooks Koepka at 12:50 p.m. Thursday and 7:40 a.m. Friday.

Woods won Wells Fargo in 2007, and there were three of the top 11 players, but Guerrejolo was the only player to lose two points in his career (he also missed in 2010). The track has changed a lot and hosted the PGA Championship in August.

“The golf course is much harder than it used to be,” Woods said. “This is longer and more difficult.”

In Wednesday’s professional game, he was not difficult for him. He did not do this for Hashmi who played golf in Indiana. He remained calm in front of Woods.

Hashmi had a disability index of 0.9 at the San Antonio  High School and an average score of 4.0. He wrote his article about the core values of perseverance.

“I can’t think of a more persevering example than Mr. Woods,” Hashmi said.

Hashmi called it a “dream” to play with Woods, and for the first time he called the Woods conference within the scope of “surrealism.”

“How it all happened,” Hashmi said. “I went to the end of the range, next to Aaron Baddeley. We talked for a few minutes. Then I knew that I looked back and the tiger’s bag was right beside me. Somehow, I didn’t notice that he was walking in. A range ball, I held a wedge in my hand, almost throw it away, but the last minute still saved it. “After that, I had a wonderful warm-up match and had a good time and turned it into a track.”

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