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Rajon Rondo says pelican camaraderie is key to historic wins

New Orleans Pelicans are on a winning streak, and they attribute their refreshing victory run to some unconventional form of training. Apparently, the team works hard to make sure all of them get together for a social dinner and bond freely. It is just not the fresh talent that wants to be part of the big group, but the seasoned veterans like Pelican guard, Jrue Holiday.

Jrue Holiday shared that simple conversation built “Camaraderie…and just being able to talk about things other than your job or basketball, or  finding interests in other people, getting to know them,” have all been the reason for their new level of playing.

Holiday added that the dinners together actually allowed them to be together and make each other care…much like being friends.”

A win over Golden State Warriors

Team-building activities did do the trick this time around. Pelicans in their last outing played as a team and found themselves piping down stronger opponent Golden State Warriors in the deciding semifinal match of the Western Conference.

As the Pelican guard said, “We all feel like we’re here together like we should be able to have a core and be able to, I guess, hang out, and be with [each other].”

The bonding and the chemistry have all been built through a network of messages that the team shares in their group, empowering themselves to push forward their play to the next level.

This is true says, veteran Rajon Rondo, who plays point guard for Pelicans.

Rondo who is one the steering forces of the not so highly fancied team in the Western Conference plays alongside the unacknowledged superstar, Anthony Davis. Together, these two seasoned players, in post-match meetings review their games and critically evaluate what they should have done to have won the game.  Apart from the back room video analysis, much of the changes which have helped them win previous games has come from the change in their attitudes believe these game-changing players.  The players “like hanging out with the boys,” and view their most successful franchise history has come because of the time they all get to spend together, grow together.

Like my Boston Days

Rondo reminiscences about his earlier Boston Boys days when they would do something similar team building activities. In the current group of players, “the unselfishness of the group” is what he has come to love. He shares that, ”I think what we’re finding out is that when we play together, we’re a better team. The only thing that matters — the locker room and culture is different when you’re winning, and when you win, it’s a great feeling.”

Besides, Holiday guffaws that these dine-outs are “free meals,” as always the All-Star center Anthony Davis and Rondo pick by the bill.

Though Davis initiated the dinners, it was only with Rondo’s interaction that the organization’s unity grew. Coach Gentry concludes that” the last year of having these guys together and spending as much time as possible, has positive effects…I think when you spend that time together. Obviously, there’s a closeness and a responsibility you feel for the guy sitting next to you.” So, it can now be said Group dinners are the reason for Pelicans winning their big matches!

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