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Penguins tie the series with drubbing capitals 3-1

Penguin’s Evgeni Malkin’s “garbage” second-period goal, turned out to be the winning goal after all.  In a crucial match against Capitals, the diving dash by Malkin got Penguins a tie in the series.

Taking on the Capitals in Game 4, the Penguins snatched a 3-1 victory in the critical semifinal match against Eastern conference at PPG Paints Arena. Malkin admitted that he and his team knew it was a Game 7 match quality they had to deliver, and likewise, everyone pitched for it.

James Guentzel added, “I think we all knew we had to get this one, especially on home ice.”

After the match, Malkin chose to jest about himself, saying that it “wasn’t a great goal!”

He, in fact, called it “garbage,” since he felt that it was not much a ‘skilling’ goal for me. It was just a routine goal, but, which apparently set the clocking ticking in favor of Penguins apparently.

Game 4, appeared to be more about playing parallel series.

For, it seemed more like two games in one. Jake Guentzel chased after a win and did not seem to stop scoring goals. On the other side, there was Tom Wilson who seemed to make mincemeat of the opposition. And in the middle of it all, was the replay review crisis.

Thinks were nearly the same when the venue moved to Pittsburgh. Here, it was the chance for Penguins to emerge winners at the end of the replay review.

Easing the immense pressure at the end of the tie-making Series, Malkin could not help but jest, that his goal was just a casual ‘garbage goal,’ indeed!

It was at 17:31 that Malkin pushed into Capitals goal post with a loose puck, dodging past goalkeeper Braden Holtby.

The victory over Capitals has thus ensured Penguins go to DC without fear of elimination. Guentzel said, “I think we all knew we had to get this one, especially on home ice.”

Malkin, despite his injuries, made the most of the loose puck to ensure Penguins move into Game 5. But it was T.J.Oshie who ensure Penguins were in power play with the interference penalty. Oshie had this to say, “I shot us there in the foot with that penalty, I think that was kind of the turning point in the game when they got that goal there when I was in the box.”

It’s a goal

In fact, Malkin’s goal went through the review analysis before an angle was finally found to show the puck cleared the line. Even as the review happened, Sidney Crosby reiterated, “it should be a good goal because it crossed the red line.” But the Capitals remained upset that Patric Hornqvist interfered, along with goalkeeper Holtby. Another player, Brooks Orpik too, who is the defender did not push Hornqvist into Holtby, the Capitals opined.

Coach Barry Trotz said “He was already in there when he made contact. That’s how we viewed it.” Since the officials did not agree, they chose to review and at the end of it, ruled in favor of Penguins. This proved to be a great key margin for them eventually, as Guentzel soon sped ahead to some spectacular play.

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