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FaZe clan orchestrate massive upset for Astralis at IEM Sydney

It is not every day that you see an underdog story come on top, quite like FaZe clan. They defeated Astralis 3-0 at the IEM Sydney on Sunday. The strong opposition doesn’t look as convincing on the scoreboard but the challenge that FaZe has overcome is definitely worth a look. The victory becomes even more important because one of their key player, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson, took a break from pro-play only last month. The team was definitely not as strong and were playing as the ultimate underdogs.

On the other hand, was Astralis, a team that entered the IEM looking like surefire winners. They had dominantly beaten DreamHack Masters Marseille teams and Sydney’s group stage teams also didn’t pose a significant threat to their game. It was quite clear that Finn “karrigan” Andersen and his men at Astralis will be coming out of the game victorious. However, FaZe was completely unphased with the challenge and they eventually took over the champions.

The first map of the series was the only time when FaZe received favors. On all other occasions, it was as far away from Cache as expected. However, in the finals, both the teams were plagued with sloppy play. Team flashes came and went and neither successfully capitalized on their kills. Missed shots were all too common during the game and it looked like the teams are warming up before a match, instead of playing in the finals.

The team received their first edge, thanks to Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács who edged out Nicolai “device” Reedtz. The Cache featured an AWP-versus-AWP duel where the FaZe man emerged victorious. Guardian ensured that his legacy stayed in the game as he sought out these duels and gave them one edge after another in multiple round.

Note that Nicolai is one of the most important players for Astralis. Right in the first map, he made a case for himself as an MVP candidate. He mercilessly dominated the server and even won one-on-two against the opponents. It would not be wrong to term Cache as the mainstay of this player, who heroically made the team stand out.

It is difficult to contain a strong team like Astralis for too long. However, when they tried to make a comeback to the game, FaZe continued breaking their offense. Still, Astralis won the pistol round. However, they could not capitalize in the Terrorist side and hardly made 3 more rounds on the board. The underdogs wee more prepared for these scenarios. The Danes won the pistol round but the second round had a 5-10 deficit that they needed to break. However, as they started becoming over-aggressive, they lost control over the game.

The Danes were too busy with creating smoke in individual plays. This gave FaZe a clear competitive advantage over their opponents and hammer the last nail in their coffin. Overtime couldn’t decide the winner in this close content. So, a double-overtime had to be used to decide who gets to win the final round. It was the first time in the series that Astralis outplayed its opponent and it looks like these two CS: GO franchises will reignite now.

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