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Clasico: Will it be Real Madrid or Barcelona?

This Sunday’s game at Nou Camp will hold the key to Barcelona’s domination of domestic football. If they win against Real Madrid, Barcelona will be the undoubted champions, as it closely follows their last Sunday’s La Liga Championship win for the 7th time, in 10 seasons.

Barcelona’s domestic domination will be reiterated, even though Real Madrid has a number of wins in the Champions League.  It appears the current Barcelona team is one of the best sides to play in Spain.

4 Games for Invincibility

Barcelona’s strong play shows that it already heads the league table. With just four games left and not a single defeat, there is strong possibility for Barcelona to become Invincible. Sunday night’s strong play against Deportivo has already set the trend for a thumping Real Madrid defeat.

But Real Madrid to have been a strong player this season, with trophies capping European Super Cup, Club World Cup, as well as the Spanish Super Cup. Conversely, Barcelona has been supremely consistent, balancing the power games of Real Madrid. “Worst Squad,” said Barcelona critics.

Purists believe, Barcelona’s squad has been one of the worst, in over a decade. They argue that the defense is error-prone and has often relied on goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegan to save them from some major struggles. For their part, the midfield has failed to control matches, and as in the past, the bench to has not contributed much. However, what really sets the Barcelona team on the winning streak, is a one-man team called – Lionel Messi. Critics state that no single player can be responsible for a team to win. However, at Barcelona all of it is true.

Proof of this theory was in last Sunday’s, La Liga title match when Messi’s mesmerizing two late goals led to the team’s victory. But for him, Barcelona may well have slipped and let Deportovio win. Not only Messi score in the match, but he assisted on nearly 44 of the 87 goals that Barcelona played for the La Liga seasons.

Ronaldo for Real Madrid

While Messi is the star player for Barcelona, at Real Madrid, the real power play is from Cristiano Ronaldo. The best proof of Ronaldo’s magic was in the Champions League when his winning game made the difference for Real Madrid.

However, it is a pressure for these high-octane players to remain motivated, consistent and game-winners over long periods of time, like 10 months of the playing season.

Though, at the top of the League table, Barcelona has a lot at stake. Real Madrid may spoil the game for it, given Real Madrid’s home-loss to Barcelona last Christmas. Nou Camp beckons on Sunday, as Football greats like Balague chose their favorite players for an ElClasico Combined XI.

Barcelona’s has set the tempo for title victories with its LaLIga title. But Real Madrid is an entirely new story. The Champions League winners are more powerful and highly motivated to gain an edge over Barcelona.

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