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Arsene Wenger surprised by “perfect shape” Ferguson’s emergency surgery

The football fraternity is coming to terms with the unexpected emergency surgery of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Reacting to the news, Arsene Wenger remained surprised as he had met the legendary manager last week when he was in “perfect shape.”

Ferguson, now recovering from a brain hemorrhage surgery, had just last week crowned Wenger with a special award before the latter left Arsenal as manager.

Wenger said, “I was with him on the pitch last week, I went to see him in the box after the game on Sunday, and when we played there he looked in perfect shape,”

Fergusson “Optimist by Nature,” says Wenger

Sharing his thoughts about the veteran 13-time Premier League winner, the former coach said that the manager was a very strong man and optimistic by nature. At their last meeting when they celebrated United’s victory, he had appeared to be doing a lot of exercises and looked very happy. However, with the accident, nothing much can be said, but wish him quick recovery, he added.

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, disbelieved the news: “I met Sir Alex after the first game against Roma [in the Champions League semifinals] when he passed my way. I had a few words with him.”

Klopp regretted that this could happen to any of us, saying Sir Alex was , “in good shape again. I’m 100 percent sure. I’m looking forward to seeing him again.”

In an official statement, Manchester United thanked the football fraternity across the globe for their messages of support. There have been no updates about his recovery nor his condition after the surgery, it is said. Using their Twitter handle to communicate with their millions of fans, Manchester United tweeted its appreciation for the unconditional support of fans.

Sunday marked the official final home game for Wenger. The manager is all set to leave Arsenal at the end of the season. The team has not averaged well at many of the recent series and has led to Wenger’s exit from the team. But in the last home game on Sunday, the team won 5-0 over Burnley. However, the news of Fergusson’s illness and subsequent emergency surgery did pull a pall over the team, despite their victory.

The team believed that Sir Alex was in the top of his health in recent times. The former footballer had been exercising well and was well in control of his body. Hence, much of the sports community was surprised by the sudden illness. Alex as former Manchester United Manager had steered them to several winning seasons.

Wished Wegner Last Week

As late as last week, in his public appearance, he had wished Wenger well and offered him a special award to remember his last visit as the official manager of Arsenal at the Old Trafford. The team continued to be called for further updates and news on Sir Alex’s health. The current coach of Arsenal commenting on the former coach said, “He’s a strong man and he’s an optimistic man. But nobody knows exactly [what’s wrong], I got calls last night from Manchester, nobody knew exactly what it is.”

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