Another loss befalls Arsenal’s way, loses to Leicester by 3 – 1

In 2018, this was the second match for Arsenal away from home, and Arsenal lost this time too. It seems like the club is on a losing streak. With their seventh loss in a row viewed inescapable following an unstable two early minutes. Here, Kelechi Iheanacho goaled for Leicester and soon, as if almost in an instant, saw the expulsion of center-back Konstantinos Mavropanos. Arsenal’s ten men fired back past Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but were pending 16 minutes from time by a Jamie Vardy penalty and, for the ending, a late Riyad Mahrez attack.

It will be sad if the Arsenal team will march forward with their awful form on the field at Huddersfield on Sunday. For Arsene Wenger, it would be sadder, who would definitely not want his rule to come to an end with a defeat.

Even their beginning in the match was a complete disaster. They had a hold on the opening 12 minutes, but Leicester’s first interval of the threat made a dual sweep that showed terminal. The offside seemed to have remained when Petr Cech rotated Vardy’s inclined drive throughout his nearby post, but the affecting corner was never really freed completely and Iheanacho, flawlessly positioned to meet Fousseni Diabate’s smart header, raked home sharply.

Aubameyang has indeed provided his team with a lot of back up support and relief in the form of nine goals in his 12 Premier League games, also documenting four assists. Even though there are innumerable issues areas at different places in the team, they are a powerful side. Arsenal has the most significant component required for constructing a strike force: a center-forward who is at his top and functioning at the peak of his game.

Aubameyang has the potential to total better goals — his attempt on Wednesday was seen from a few yards out when Jakupovic managed to keep up with his first try. But it was a risky way to serve his only clear vision of the match. In case the upcoming manager can make the kind of flexible, rational front line that widely dodged Wenger this session, the prospects are palatable.

In the end, Arsenal’s cause of irritation boiled on to the winning penalty, a move that reasoned Wenger to laugh. But errors keep on fetching them and the arrangement has gone on too far to sustain them without much consolation. Aubameyang must pray that in 2018-19, he gets to play for a team that does not let his hard work go down in vain.

The coach was quoted saying, “Even with ten against 11 we looked like we could score at any moment and at 1-1 we had two situations with three against two, but we complicated our game a bit.”

“We had the chances to score and win the game. The fact that we had to chase the game with ten men made it very open. I would like to say that this team has shown tonight they have a future and hopefully they can show that next season,” he added.

It will be interesting to note what the prospects are.

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